Company Focus

Super Heroes made a lot of different titles in different genres, now we are primarily focused on creating combat games on Roblox as this is what we are the best at. The games that we are creating are just the beginning, we have big plans going into the future. We plan to expand into creating more fighting games and updating our existing ones, we are focused on making everything future-proof as we will work in the future on a big title that will compete with some of the most popular Anime games on the platform.

In a couple of years, we can see ourselves being the most popular studio on Roblox that has multiple games in the top 10 of Roblox with our unique characteristics that separate us from the rest.



Our Team of super heroes


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Super Hero


At Super Heroes, quality is our cornerstone. We're not just crafting games; we're curating experiences. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we've proudly earned four awards for our latest sensation, Hero Brawl, boasting a remarkable 160 million visits. Join us in a world where quality isn't just a standard; it's our passion and promise in every game we create.

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